KS Spotlight: Clarus Commerce

KS Spotlight: Clarus Commerce

Erica Wilson and Paul Wolfer of Clarus Commerce give us an inside look at their tight-knit company culture.

Clarus Commerce, located at 500 Enterprise Drive in Rocky Hill, CT, works behind the scenes with retailers to provide loyalty programs to shoppers. Using their proprietary software platform and company full of loyalty experts, Clarus builds, manages, and optimizes these loyalty programs on behalf of their retail partners. These programs improve shopper’s experiences, save them money, and ultimately help build loyalty between retailers and their customers. In addition to powering consumer loyalty programs for retailers, they are also the team behind several direct to consumer membership programs including freeshipping.com and shopsmarter.com memberships. These memberships offer free shipping and other discounts at 1500+ retailers.

Founded in 2001 with just one employee, over the years Clarus Commerce’s workforce has grown into a team that currently stands at over 100 employees total. This steady growth required more space for the team and operations, so in 2016, Clarus joined the community at 500 Enterprise Drive in Rocky Hill, CT. From an employee retention standpoint, the decision to move to Rocky Hill was essential. At the time, half of their employees lived north of the office, and the other half lived south, so they needed a location accessible via major roads like I-91. Learn more about their 2016 relocation here.

Their new space at 500 Enterprise Drive is a modern, wide-open space that supports a highly collaborative environment. This way all employees can see each other, and no one’s out of reach, even the CEO. They’re an active bunch: Clarus employees opt for walking meetings and impromptu meetings in their café, and they make full use of their adjustable standing desk units. When it comes time to tour 500 Enterprise Drive to potential new tenants, Clarus Commerce’s suite is a must-see example of how customizable the suites are. Their suite looks so good in fact, in 2018 Clarus Commerce attracted the attention of the world’s largest invite-only networking event for developers, Hacker X, that selected them to host Connecticut’s first-ever international Hacker X event.

Something Clarus Commerce looks forward to this year is video production. From a culture and business perspective, an initiative of theirs is to pull back the curtain and let people get to know them better. They’ve been named one of greater Hartford’s top workplaces for the past 6 years, and have recently begun to use video to share their unique company culture, and what it’s like to work at Clarus:


Clarus Commerce provides a fun, energetic work environment that its employees enjoy. The average lunch hour is spent collaborating with team members, utilizing the building’s fitness center, or dining in the full-service cafeteria. Once a month, they do a company-provided lunch in their own café where team members’ efforts are acknowledged and select employees are rewarded gift cards. Some at Clarus are die-hard Starbucks fans who appreciate being close to a variety of local amenities. In the warmer months, employees look forward to using the outdoor spaces including a recently-added patio and beautifully-landscaped outdoor walking paths.

What else is on the horizon for Clarus? In 2018, they opened their very first location in the United Kingdom. As a front-runner in customer loyalty programs, and an organization that exemplifies how to cultivate company culture via tactful employee relations, we can see Clarus Commerce opening locations in each continent! Stay tuned for more to come from Clarus Commerce and for the next KS Spotlight, where we introduce you to the bright minds that make up our communities.

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