KS Spotlight: GRIT

KS Spotlight: GRIT

We spoke with Alex Guarco, Operations Manager for GRIT, about the unprecedented Freedom Chair and new opportunities on the horizon.

GRIT, which stands for Global Research Innovation and Technology, started just over five years ago as an MIT class project. The objective? Improve wheelchair functionality for people in developing countries. Combining their mechanical engineering expertise and passion for life, the students created an efficient design that was much easier to maneuver and more suited for navigating off-road than the traditional wheelchair.

After seeing the Freedom Chair in action when GRIT brought the design to India & Africa, locals in New England and beyond were clamoring to try the all new, life-changing chair for themselves. Since then, GRIT has designed a variety of models including their Freedom Chair 3.0, Hemi Freedom Chair which can be propelled using one arm, and their latest design: The Spartan Freedom Chair which was featured on ESPN in January for the first-ever Para Spartan Race. GRIT is the official chair of the Para Spartan race, of which there will be many more to come.

Due to the success of the Freedom Chair, GRIT needed more storage and functional office space. They wanted to stay within the Boston area so there’d be a commutable distance for employees, and so they could remain close to their resources in Boston. After looking at a few locations, they decided to join the community at 10 Cabot Road in Medford. Most GRIT employees take advantage of the T, since 10 Cabot is just 4 minutes away from Wellington Station. Once Spring arrives, some GRIT employees plan to ride their bikes to work.

Though most at GRIT work right through lunch, on a good day, you might spot them in the game room playing ping pong, the cafeteria at 10 Cabot, or at Harrow’s Chicken Pies in Medford, which has quickly become a favorite local eatery of theirs. As for what it’s like to work at 10 Cabot Road? “Two thumbs up over here so far. The other tenants are more than kind, and the common areas are immaculate.” Alex Guarco said.

“Two thumbs up over here so far. The other tenants are more than kind, and the common areas are immaculate.”

-Alex Guarco, Operations Manager for GRIT

Learn more about the community at 10 Cabot Road at 10cabot.com. To learn more about GRIT and their innovative Freedom Chairs, visit their website gogrit.us.

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